ACCE Law Group, Serving the Counties of Harris and Fort Bend.

Welcome to The ACCE Law Group

ACCE Law Group is a premier law firm dedicated to serving individuals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses with comprehensive, efficient, and practical counsel.

Our team of experienced attorneys combine their legal and real world experience to serve our clients with customized care.  The attorneys of ACCE Law Group have a diverse background that equips them to handle civil, family, corporate, entertainment, real estate, and estate planning matters. Our diversity gives us a variety of perspectives and in-depth knowledge to better assist our clients.  We believe that good lawyering and great relationships are not mutually exclusive. Our objectives are not only to ensure that our clients have a clear understanding of their legal concerns and to provide them with a successful outcome, but to also exceed all client expectations.

Whether you need an attorney for child custody, business negotiations, or one of our other practice areas, our attorneys are dedicated to a securing a fair and favorable result.Stack the cards in your favor, and give ACCE Law Group a call today!

Serving the Counties of Harris and Fort Bend.